I joined CrossOver Fitness in July of 2020.  We were in the midst of a global pandemic and I had not done any form of structured exercise since college.  For two decades as a nurse and mother, I took care of everyone but myself.  Suddenly, my time had shifted and instead of letting the pandemic get the best of me, I decided to use my new schedule to do something for myself.  I was terrified and excited all at once walking into my first class.  I didn’t even know gym movements.  What is a snatch? Deadlift or ground to overhead?  CrossOver Fitness is all about teaching its members proper technique and meeting its members where they are. Growing their own personal story.

I was instantly hooked, there was no turning back.  Not just because of the kind atmosphere and the stellar instruction of owners Katie and Andre, but because of the community.  Each member of the gym is met at their own place in fitness.  The classes are structured with new and unique formats each day.  For me, it feels like a fun game of exercise where I am competing against myself.  We are all on a personal journey.  Some members are new and some are veterans.  Some share strengths of heavy lifting while others shine in cardio.  Each day with a goal of being stronger than your younger self.  

This community created by the incredible owners Katie and Andre celebrate all milestones.  Whether it’s a new personal record with a rack squat, new personal mile time or a special birthday.  CrossOver Fitness celebrates you.  They are there as a community in times of joy and need.  They support each other not only on the gym floor, but in the outside world as well.  The compassion Katie and Andre show towards their members makes me look forward to walking through their doors each and everyday.

Two years ago I could never have run two miles.  Today I ran two miles and followed it with a 3500M row.  Two years ago I could not do a pull-up.  Today I can do 5 in a row.  Two years ago I didn’t know what a deadlift was, today I can deadlift more than my body weight. Two years ago I could hardly do a handstand, today I can do a handstand push-up. I owe all of this to the motivation Andre and Katie instill in me.  I am stronger now than I have ever been in my life and I am happier too.  Thank you Katie and Andre.  Thank you CrossOver Fitness.