• CrossOver Games 21.7.7
    First 2 events revealed below!
  • CrossOver Games 21.5.12/19
    Below is the reveal of all 3 events!
  • EMOM Benchmark
    Athletes will really be pushed as they are quickly rewarded for squeezing in a few more reps into each minute. Can anyone achieve the max score of 48 points?! This would require maintaining 24 reps per minute! We will also be finding some maxes, featuring the 1RM snatch.
  • The “Complete” Benchmark
    This WOD tests it all! The quicker athletes can move through massive all-encompassing buy-ins, the more time left to accumulate calories on both a rower and assault bike. Oh and also a core static hold challenge of course.
  • Benchmark 4
    Maxes & Diane Move at your own pace and find your max deadlift, along with other mini tests of fitness and skill. The workout is finished off with the classic sprint benchmark: Diane!

Benchmark WODs

Benchmark SCORES